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Fresh and short blurb.

I guess the most awesome thing that’s happened to me lately is that my best friend was hugging me the other day and she said I smelled “manly”.   As I know it, that’s only supposed to happen after sustained HRT.  Maybe I’m turning naturally, as I’ve suggested in my previous post?

I’ve recently recalled reading on my dad’s bottle of Rogaine (yes, I read the back of EVERYTHING- don’t judge!) that women should be careful using products containing minoxidil and not get it on their faces because it may cause growth of facial hair.  Now, I’m all over that.  I’m considering going and buying a bottle and giving it a shot; the only warning I’ve come across is that it’s not clinically tested, just anecdotal.  But at this point I’m willing to give just about anything a shot, since HRT seems so far off.  Does it seem dangerous?

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