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Minoxidil log #2: day 4.

I started applying minoxidil 5% topical solution to my beard area on the 18th, once a day in the evenings, and continued to do so for 3 days (18th, 19th and 20th).  It seemed wise to start applying such a radical treatment slowly at first, not the box recommendation of twice a day, in such a sensitive place as the face.  Success so far- no sensitivity, pain or itching in the applied area.

Today (the 21st), I’ve decided to see what applying the solution twice a day would do.  I applied it first this morning, with a slight bit of itching being the only result, although nothing really very noteworthy.  This evening I applied it again, and I’m already experiencing some tingling, itching and even a bit of slight burning.  Obviously, applying this solution twice a day is a bad idea.

Once a day should be enough- I’ll only apply it in evenings from here out.  If these symptoms reoccur tomorrow evening after I’ve given it 24 hours to cool down, I’ll take a 3 day break from my regimen and then see if it happens again.  If after 3 days, I apply it with the same reaction, then I’ll discontinue use.  As it stands, this isn’t a horrible reaction, just some slight sensitivity, and I’m assuming it’s just a reaction to overuse of it on an already sensitive area.

I’ll continue to update with results as they occur.

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