A journey to San Francisco to become no less than Me. (BLOG REBOOT: Former site of Hairy Legs.)


So this is me.

Don't smoke, kids.

Don’t smoke, kids.

This blog is for tracking the process of my transition from male-minded and female-bodied to a wholly male person; in other words, I’m a transman and damned proud of it.

I’m a very jolly person.  People tell me I talk funny, but those people just didn’t grow up watching an exorbitant amount of British television, so they can just screw off.

I like to draw stuff, write funny and/or interesting things, put on silly costumes, and travel.  Right now I’m in a far away land (San Francisco), seeking my fortune, and getting on with gender reassignment.  I’m essentially homeless at the moment, and couch hopping until things stabilize.  I guess that would make me the cheeriest hobo in the land.  (UPDATE-  As of  the 12th, I’ve made it into the delightfully grimy Lark-Inn shelter.  As long as people stop stealing my things and I don’t get harangued in the men’s showers like I’ve heard has happened to other trans men in the past, I’ll be fine.  WISH ME LUCK!)

I don’t really look much like that photo because I’ve cut my hair since then, and I don’t have real facial hair yet.  That was special effects makeup.  BUT SOME DAY!!!

Jack Wordle

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