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Celtic Faire.

I’m going back to volunteer again this year at the community Celtic Faire (kinda like Renaissance Faire, only celebrating  Celtic tradition.)  It’s another sort of geeky paradise, yet another thing I’ve always gone to that falls into the category of  “an excuse to dress up as a man.”  Particularly, I’ve always kind of gone as this bizarre scallywag-type character, not precisely pirate, not precisely knight.  It’s fun, because last year I volunteered there (which basically amounts to pitching your tent on the fairgrounds for four days, doing anything and everything you’re told, and getting to take part in the after-parties which run into all hours of the morning.)  I was working through an injury last year, which meant I never really got to work hard enough to earn the elusive and honored “workhorse” title, but I DID earn a Faire name, basically making me part of the family.

I became known as the Bearded Lady.

Back at that point, I actually thought it was all well and good and fun and games, but I’m not so sure how comfortable I am with it this year.  I’ll probably wear that name with pride as long as I keep coming back to participate in Faire culture, but it’s funny how things that seemed harmless a year ago have developed a knee-jerk reaction of seeming offensive.  I don’t know, it seems easier with this group to just let them believe I’m a tomboy.  I’m not sure how accepting they would really be of my being trans.  Still, Celtic Faire has always been one of those spaces in my life where I was happily known as a boy, at least to the people who visit, if not to the people who run it.

I’m wondering if they’ll even remember me this year, since I’ve gotten my hair cut and changed a few other things about myself, including the way I dress.  I’m thinking I should just go by Tommy and hope they don’t remember who I am, play along, and if they do, just shrug it off and say it’s the nickname my friends have for me lately since I am such a tomboy…

I’m going to the volunteer meeting in 2 hours.  Play it by ear, that’s my motto.

(Also, I’m considering making a kilt for myself this year.  I have a week and a half- wish me luck?)

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  1. You might be surprised at how accepting they are. I don’t know what it’s like in your part of the world but around here, there appears to be a HUGE overlap between the crowds that go to cetic festivals and those that go to pagan events, and there is a HUGE overlap between the pagan community and the poly/queer/kink communities, all communities that are extremely welcoming of trans, in my experience. (Please note that when I say queer, I don’t necessarily mean all gay, lesbians and bisexuals – I really mean the queer identified ones). So . . .who knows! Also, if the sci fi convention crowd that listens to filk (folk on sci fi and fantasy) is any example, they seemed to take Alexander James Adams’ transition (from Heather Alexander) extremely well.

    I tend to think that people who allow themselves, as grown ups, to live fantasy in one way or another (celtic or renaissance fairs, kink, sci fi), are generally more open to people who go against the grain. At least that’s been my experience. Sometimes you have to put up with a bit of the other extreme though, with people being utterly fascinated about you and your experience. The first few times, it’s a nice change but . . .it gets a little old.

    Anyway, best of luck and hope things turn out in a way that makes you comfortable and not feeling alienated from a group of people that you like to spend time with!

  2. Dameon said:

    So, how did it go?
    By the way, where did you go? It’s been quite a while.


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