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Transmen Haiku

A haiku about my perspective on the beginning of transition-

We are all young boys

Fighting for our puberties

Held back as children.


I’ve been feeling more like that lately than ever.  It seems like my childhood was stolen from me, and we have to fight the whole world, at every step, tooth and nail for our rights to have that experience.  But when we’re going through it, we’re gaining back our boyhoods, day by day, at an age that’s way too late, along with having to deal with the responsibilities of being adult.  At best, I’d say it’s a unique perspective through which to see life.

(I’d like to point out that I don’t mean this to be offensive- I don’t view a state of femininity as a childlike state in any way!  I just feel denied the hormones that I should have gotten around the age of 13.)

Comments on: "Transmen Haiku" (2)

  1. Interesting. In many ways, I agree. I’ve felt in the past 2 years that I’ve been living something I didn’t get to experience the first time around. On the other hand, I really do see a lot of advantages to my experience, perspectives on masculinity and femininity that I would not have otherwise had. I get to be a teenage boy without being a jerk toward women, for example. Not that all teenage boys are but there is certainly societal pressure on young males to be macho. I got to circumvent that on account of having first hand experience of how it feels to be the target of that.

    That said, although it’s kind of fun to relive adolescence, I’m glad it’s pretty much a fly by night operation in the sense that it’s fast. And there are a lot of elements of adulthood in my life that help downplay the feeling of being a teenager (physically). I get the fun parts of adolescence without the drama and uncertainty because I’m an autonomous adult with a career, with a child, with a loving social network, with self-confidence, etc.

  2. joaquinjack said:

    Yeah, it is pretty cool that I’ll get to do adolescence without (most of) the drama and angst- I already did that, and with hormones that aren’t even mine! I guess you could say that transpeople get to go through BOTH puberties, and that could be viewed as a privilege OR a curse. Depends on how you feel about it. In the sense that I have commentary on two vastly different ends of the human condition, I guess I am gifted.

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