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I’d like to do a really short update and let you all know that I’ve been on a voice exercise regimen that I basically created for myself from the Rent soundtrack (cheesy, I know).  It’s about an hour of singing and stretching my vocal chords down as far as I can (I’d really like to try and create a guide eventually, because it goes in a rather specific way with warmups and so forth, and it’s quite fun).

I’ve been at it for a few weeks, and when I started I really couldn’t sing any lower than the tenor parts (I’ve been trained as a soprano my whole life, so that’s a hard habit to break.)  But just this morning, a few weeks later, I started off basically singing the bass parts with little difficulty, which was sort of an instant snap.

I think my voice cracked.

This is incredibly positive for me, because my voice was part of the major trinity of things that I’m sure will secure my ability to be read as male in a social setting,  (which, if you’re curious, was voice, proper binding, and facial hair), and one of two things I was fairly certain that I couldn’t get without hormones.  What this does for me, by proxy, is ensure my future fertility- I’ll explain this.

I’d really like to be able to preserve my eggs before I get on testosterone, as I’ve said before.  This really puts a kink in my schedule to get on testosterone, because I doubt I’ll be able to afford it any time soon.  Now, don’t get me wrong- I plan on getting on testosterone eventually, 100% no doubt about it, if for no other reason than to feel right INTERNALLY, even if it had no effect on my exterior.  BUT, if I can achieve those three checkpoints into being read as male without having to go on testosterone, it will make waiting to get on testosterone infinitely more bearable, and I probably won’t turn around one day and say, “You know what?  FUCK my future kids, I just want my T!”

Achieving the second point of the trinity, with facial hair possibly on its way, will definitely make my life easier.

Comments on: "My voice just cracked." (3)

  1. Dameon said:

    That’s great! Then you can have both things you wanted.
    On another note, didn’t you tell me you had already tried everthing voice wise? And why did you create this exercise for yourself when you had pretty much given up on getting a lower voice without T? (just curious)
    Anyway it’s good you’ve found something that works for you.


    • joaquinjack said:

      I’d tried a lot of exercises that other people had invented, but none of them seemed to work. I had given up on pretty much everything BUT testosterone.

      HOWEVER, one of my favorite things to do with my roomie while we do housework is sing along with the Rent Soundtrack. I started taking all the lower parts and let her sing the soprano bits, which was fun on duets, but I started to notice something after singing with an hour+ soundtrack in a low register. It was relaxing my voice into a slightly noticeable lower register, at least for a few hours afterward. I began to think, “Hey, this is neat, maybe if I sing this soundtrack every day, my voice will eventually STAY lower.”

      It was a week or two later, when I started to be able to sing Tom Collin’s parts with no difficulty, that I knew it was working.

      SO, I’m thinking I might have a chance at knocking my voice into a more naturally sounding lower register if I keep at it. I’m still usually pretty high by the end of the day, though. It’s still on the experimental end of things- I can’t officially condone it until I’m certain it works. (I should start keeping audio recordings of myself so I can see the difference.)

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