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I know that I already posted today, but I just wanted to make a log of this.

I just got back from the drug store with a month’s supply of 5% topical minoxidil (for growing facial hair, as stated in my previous posts and here on the Beard Board).  I’ve already applied the first day’s application, and I can state that I’ve had no burning or tingling sensation.

It seemed important to me to kickstart growing facial hair, since I haven’t been able to get in with a gender therapist for some time and I’ve been hearing terrifying rumours that some of them require us to live a year full-time before they’ll write the script for testosterone.  Quite frankly, I just don’t think I should have to wait that long before I start working on something that I could simply shave off.  I’ve been committed to living fulltime for over half a year already (not to mention the several years of questioning and figuring out the gender dysphoria beforehand) and I’ve come out to my friends, family and everyone else important in my life already.  I’m living by my new name, I wear a binder and other gendered items daily and there’s nothing left about me that belies femininity aside from the things I can’t change, such as my facial shape, hips and voice.  I’ve crossed lines of androgyny with such considerable comfort and ease already that I think one more firm gender marker, such as facial hair, could tip the scales enough to where my social role of male will be set, even in spite of my voice, and my dysphoria could be minimally alleviated for the time being.  This isn’t to say that I wouldn’t still be looking to get on testosterone- there’s nothing else I can find that would fix my voice.

All that said, it seemed important to log my use of Minoxidil, as there were some health warnings on the box.  It warned women not to use it (it could cause harm during breast feeding and pregnancy, which I have nothing to worry about, and could cause facial hair growth in women, which I WANT.)  It also said not to use on other parts of the body other than the crown of the head, but I forego that warning at my own risk- other men have without any harm, AND with the desired effect.  So, as of January the 18th, 4 in the afternoon, I have started my regimen of topical minoxidil, 5%, applied to the face.


Comments on: "Quick update: Minoxidil." (9)

  1. Dameon said:

    You know, there are excercises out there to make your voice sound lower naturally, even if they seem a bit silly. Typing in ‘lower voice’ or ‘deeper voice’ in google already got me some sites, some usefull, some not.
    The voice is just another muscle in the body and muscles can be trained.

    I also have this one thing I came up with myself that may help. You know how your thoughts also have a sort of ‘voice’. Try keeping that low all the time, the body should react to it.
    I’ve tried doing my inner voice both very low and very high while I held my hand against my throat and I could actually feel the muscles moving to the tone of my thoughts.
    I’m not sure weither it actually lowers one’s voice in the long run, but it helps me focus to keep my voice in ‘guy mode’.

  2. Dameon said:

    one more thing about the voice, this vid I found on youtube:

    • joaquinjack said:

      The thing is, I’ve done all the research and exercises, I try to sing an octave below where I’m comfortable, I try to talk with a monotone, etc. ad infinitum. I’m sorry to say that nothing in that video was new to me.
      But my voice is pretty much “super-soprano”, as the choir kids used to put it. Even if I got my voice to drop by half the usable human scale, I’d still be in the mid-range, or high for a guy’s voice (and half the scale, you have to admit, is beyond what self-therapy can do). When I try to use my “gut voice,” my friends tell me it sounds fake. I’m going to need the help of testosterone to even get my voice low enough where the self-therapy will begin to help.

  3. Dameon said:

    Ah, sorry. Er, that must suck.
    I guess if that’s the case I can’t do much to help.
    I wish I could give you part of my voice since mine is pretty much the opposite of yours. Since that’s not possible I hope you can get on testosterone soon.

  4. Minoxidil can damage skin by stopping collagen production and can give you massive pores and wrinkles.

    • joaquinjack said:

      Thanks for the heads-up, but I think I’m actually willing to take that chance. My skin has always had extraordinarily good complexion and very good moisture, so if it can actually make my skin a little rougher, I’m all for it. Plus, it’s genetic in my family that I’m going to perpetually look younger than I am-
      My grandma’s 75 and she looks about 55,
      my dad’s 50 and he looks about 38,
      and I’m 21 and I look 15. If there’s something that’s going to help me catch up a little, then I’d appreciate it.

  5. Well it may seem a good idea now but in a few years you may regret damaging your skin with this stuff. The period in ones life when looking older is desireable is s short one!

    • joaquinjack said:

      I’ve been thinking good and hard about this, and while I still don’t have any apprehension about making the appearance of my skin less “pretty”, the thought occurred to me that if this stuff can damage my skin, then it might be able to damage the pores that would produce the facial hair later. If there’s any chance that this might actually PREVENT me from growing a beard later on, then I’m not taking those chances. Thanks for the heads up.

  6. Trust me, you will regret swaping your skin for a wrinkled haggard mess.

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