A journey to San Francisco to become no less than Me. (BLOG REBOOT: Former site of Hairy Legs.)

My hair.  What did you think?

Anyway, I’ve been running a discussion over on the TransQueer Nation forums (which, if you don’t have an account, you need to register for because it is an absolute wealth of information, support, and fellow Tguys).  It was based on good haircuts for heavy guys, and after a lot of… well, what I considered to be slightly… off suggestions, I finally owned up to having something completely different in mind:

Well, I’ve taken all your suggestions under advisement, but I’m going to roll with my gut and get this classic cut:

I wanted something conservative, but not too short, and I think Ewan McGregor has enough of a round, innocent face to sort of mimic and give me an idea of what I might look like with this cut, especially after I get on T, but before I start growing facial hair. I know how fast my hair grows and it should be past my shoulders in about a year, which, if anything about my what my genetics tells me is true, should be about when my facial hair starts to darken and come in. I want to have long hair again once I have enough male gender cues to indicate that I’m a guy with long hair and not just a chick with long hair and some facial hair problems. 😉
Anyway, I did a little research and found a barber’s joint in San Fran that I really want to visit- I’ve read TONS of reviews and 98% of them gave 5 stars, and on top of that, I read a few by trans guys who said they felt welcomed there!
I’ve found a barber shop that’s friendly to trans guys.
Joe’s Barbershop

Apparently the rate is $25, which is pretty damn good for a safe experience with nice (and talented!) barbers. Spread the word; I know I’ll be crossposting this to my blog. I’m probably going to be down there getting the cut the morning of the 28th; I’ll be sure to post some before and after pics and my own review of the place.

Wish me luck!

So yes, I feel that making this find may be my biggest contribution to the trans community so far- at least, the trans community that lives in the Bay Area and wants their hair professionally cut by someone they don’t already have rapport with.  Wow, that’s actually kinda pitiful.  Oh well, we do what we can.

In other news, I’ve just told my dad tonight that I’d prefer to be called by Tommy.  After he realized the significance (a hint: “The dog was called Indiana!”), he actually said that he’d be proud to call me Tommy.  I told him I’d give him a lot of leeway and not get dramatic if he forgot to use the right name, because my friends who have known me less than 4 years now have trouble, and he’s been calling me by my birth name for 21 years in a row.  He seemed to really appreciate that.

In fact, he made a hell of an effort just this evening- he was talking to someone and said he was “proud to have K_____ as my daughter.  No, proud to have Tommy as my daughter.  As my CHILD.”  I couldn’t help but beam with pride at his obvious efforts.  He’s taking this more seriously than I ever could have hoped, and catching on real fast.

Finally, about that San Fran trip-

We’re going on the 27th and it’s going to be a rabble rousing, gut busting two-night affair of escaping the humdrum, pretend-to-fit-in existence of living in East Jesus Nowhere.  I plan on going in drag EVERYWHERE, the first night Sunday the 27th, we’re going to a techno club or something-whatever and that’s when I’m having my Severance Ball.  Then on Monday morning, I’m getting my hair cut, and I plan on going as masculine that day as possible, possibly even to the point of costume.  Not sure what we’re doing that night, but we’re leaving for home some time Tuesday afternoon and I’m sure we’ll find something to do.

So, if any of my fellow transguys live out the Bay Area and know a good joint to hang, hit me up and maybe we can meet up and have a drink or something.  Frankly, it would just be nice to know I’m not the only one that exists.

Comments on: "Finally getting it chopped off." (7)

  1. Dameon said:

    Looks like a nice haircut!
    Also, congrats on the progress with your dad.
    And I would like to meet you, but I live in europe…Sorry.


    • joaquinjack said:

      Yeah, we’ll see whether it’s a nice haircut or not when it’s on my head.

      Too bad you’re so far away. Maybe some day when I take that famed Amsterdam trip? 😛

  2. Dameon said:

    Sure, the netherlands is right next door.

    It’s either that or me comming to America. I always wanted to go there atleast once anyway.


    • joaquinjack said:

      Well, I’m probably just saying this because I’m patriotic to my homestate more than anything, but there’s more to do in California than pretty much anywhere else in the U.S.- it’s a whole lot more than the palm trees and beaches the media would have you to believe. I can’t think of anywhere else in the States that, within just a few driving hours, you have snowy mountains (Yosemite National park, Lake Tahoe, Dodge Ridge if you like skiiing, and preserved old western ghost towns like Bodie and Columbia), to the lowest desert in the world (Death Valley), to great redwood forests where you’ll see the biggest trees you’ve ever seen, to vast stretches of coastline running between the frigid northern waters (great for crab!) and the southern, tropical waters (great for surfing!), to the central valley with its vast tracts of vineyard and orchard (nothing much to see here, actually :P), to Los Angeles (Hollywood, Unversal Studios, Disneyland, a whole lot more), to San Jose (with the famous Boardwalk as featured in such movies as Lost Boys, and Winchester Mystery House), and finally, the jewel of the Northern Bay: San Francisco (cool summers, warm winters, rated safest large city in the world, and not to mention, Queer Mecca!) And that’s just glossing it over.

      Of course, I’d rather be in San Francisco than anywhere else in the world, because with as much in that list as I rattled off, it seems like there’s more to do in San Fran than the rest of the state put together. Plus, I walked down the street in broad daylight with a purple beard painted on my face and nobody looked twice- point is, if you’re weird, you’re safer here than anywhere else. But I think I’m done chewing your ear off about California. I only have one warning-
      Try not to piss off the greeners. They’ll green your ass off. 😛

  3. Dameon said:

    There’s nothing wrong with some homeland/state loving. The way you describe it makes it seem awesome, but that’s going to be one hell of a vacation if I want to go see all of that! 🙂
    San Francisco sounds like a good place for me since I am weird and that’s an understatement for a guy who uses his couches as a jumping path to get to his destination and often sits like L from death note(that an anime/manga in case you didn’t know) at home, in fact I’m doing that right now.
    I don’t mind hearing about California. It’s interesting.
    Also, those greeners can green my ass off all they want, it’s too big anyway!

    Now, let’s see. What more?
    I don’t know that much about the Netherlands since I live in Belgium, but I love going to Centerparcs with my dad each summer. You live there in bungalows with a lot of trees surrounding the area. They have a large swimmingpool and special stuff unique to each place. Some are special made for younger children, others for older kids.
    You can do many sports there, can explore the area by foot or with a rented bicycle.
    There’s a lake in each park where you can do watersports, some have a sort of beach too. There’s a special place to eat in the morning and evening where you can go pick out whatever you want to eat and go back to the table. (It’s paid on beforehand, except the drinks.)
    That restaurant and swimmingpool are both in one place called the marketdome where you can also find several shops.
    There’s one park with a manege very close to it and a jungledome(imitating a real jungle, as if that wasn’t obvious by it’s name.) and another where they have indoor skiing.
    They have Centerparcs in Belgium too, but I mostly go to the Netherlands since the ones in Belgium are more oriented towards little kids.
    There’s also a place in the Netherlands called Sluis. There are a lot of shops there, low prices. My favourite ones are the Chinese shop(I like Asian stuff, preferably Japanese though) and of course the shop with the videogames. They usually have their games in a lot earlier than Belgian shops(not very good marketing here), so I often go there to get new games.
    Otherwise I stick to Gamemania in my land.
    Honestly, I don’t know that much about Belgium since I don’t get out that often. That and it’s a rather small land so there’s not that much to do here.
    I heard the restaurants here are good, but I wouldn’t know, I never go to a restaurant.(rather picky with food)
    Now that I overlook this, I know more about the Netherlands than my own land and I don’t even live there!
    Weather report: It’s snowing here.
    Damn, this is my longest reply ever…Anyway, I’ll see you sometime, good luck with that Severance Ball and I will await your next post.


  4. joaquinjack said:

    You… are into L? 0.0

    This is me in one of my favorite cosplays.

    Also, Eraldo Coil.

    You have no idea how much I got into Death Note.

    On another note, I would also like to visit Northern Europe, the Netherlands and surrounding areas. On top of hearing how awesome it sounds, about half of my heritage is Norwegian and another good portion is English, so I’d like to visit my motherlands. I’m particularly patriotic to England (which is awkward enough while technically being a resident of the colonies, 😛 ) but I’d like to see Big Ben and Parliament- for some reason, images of them make me swell with pride. I’d almost like to live in London- I hear it’s rainy and foggy there, which is just the way I like it.

  5. Dameon said:

    Yeah, I like Death Note. Still searching every picture on the internet about it…
    I personally haven’t done cosplay yet, but I would like to try it sometime.
    Looking through the pictures I noticed you also have a pic of Mello. I kinda like his attitude.
    Anyway, is it just me or are these replies getting longer than the post itself?

    I’d also like to go to England someday, sadly I haven’t yet, even though it’s only a boatride away for me.

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