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My gender dyphoria always ramps into hyperdrive when I hang with one of my best friends, a pretty hyper-gay guy.  I’ve spent the last two days with him.  

It’s been an intense period of gender extremes for me, since Halloween is one of those gender-free days where I can dress as a guy character and most people call me by who I’m dressed as rather than my given name; it’s like a little vacation where I can be anyone I want, as long as they’re not a girl, and that’s a vast improvement anyway.  I’d rather be seen as the most mediocre guy than the most attractive female as long as people get the pronouns right.  And dressed as the Graverobber from “REPO! The Genetic Opera”, I was pimpin’.  All the girls in my circle of friends were hanging off of me and treating me like a real man, for at least a couple of hours, and even if it was just a game to them, I didn’t care.  It made things right in my own little universe for a little while, and it was… nice.

That said, there’s nowhere that gender discrepancy is thrown into sharper relief than with a gay guy you’ve wanted to be with for years who will never be able to get past the gaping hole where you’re supposed to have a dick.  It’s funny.  A lot of people new to the trans scene don’t believe how much rejection trans people get from the gay community.  You’d think, of all people, that gays would understand what it’s like to not be accepted for who you are and what you can’t change, but as far as I’ve seen, they reject transmen with such discrimination that we’re better off looking for support among cisgendered people.  And forget it if you’re a gay transman.  Might as well just turn straight.  I haven’t yet met a gay guy who would even consider going out with someone who previously had a vagina.  It’s like just being around them would call into question their gayness or something.

My dysphoria is on the rampage today.  I’m unbelievable horny, with a side dish of angry that makes me want to rape something, sprinkled with the shame and inadequacy knowing I couldn’t without rigging a contraption that makes a mockery of what I don’t have.  I’m crawling out of my skin.  It feels like someone lined the inside of a mascot costume with superglue and put it on me while I was sleeping, and I can’t get it off.  This is a nightmare.

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  1. Dameon said:

    This might help. The vid’s about a gay transman and he has a boi male boyfriend. Just to show that it’s not completely hopeless.
    Also, if gay men don’t accept us, you can always try with bisexuals or pansexual males, where gender doesn’t matter that much. Either that or dating another gay transman who gets what you’re going through.

    Just trying to help. I’m also a gay transman by the way.


  2. joaquinjack said:

    This is pretty epic. Do you have a site or blog or something? I like making connections.

  3. Dameon said:

    No, I don’t have a site or blog, but I do have an account on fictionpress. Most of the stories I post there are trans stories based of personal experience. So maybe that could count as something simular to a blog?


    Also, I read your next entry and I’m happy for you that everything worked out between you and that boy.


    • joaquinjack said:

      I finally went to your account and started reading. I started and couldn’t stop. All of your words were so perfect. I wonder, so many of your words feel like they were written from inside my own life, as if they were mine, is it presumptuous to ask if you felt the same way about any of my writing? It was just too weird, you know?

  4. Dameon said:

    Funny, I was thinking the same thing.
    So, yes. I do feel the same about your writing. I can find myself in a lot of it.
    First time I read one of your posts I thought ‘my god, this is me!’


  5. Dameon said:

    I did notice a peek that day in my story traffic, figured it must’ve been you.
    Sorry, I forgot to add that in the last comment, eh, me and my memory sometimes…


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